Q&B Episode 19: Shay Bailey

Shay Bailey knows a thing-or-two about cycling on these Pittsburgh streets. And be warned to watch out for her speedy moves on those bike paths too. On episode #19 of Queer & Brown in Steeltown, Shay the Peabody High and Penn State alum, kicks it with us about growing up with 3 sock-stealing brothers, the weird science behind the Jimmy Johns franchise and her hilarious “coming out” to Mom story. So get your headphones ready internets for Shay Bailey plus some Tribe Called Quest & Public Enemy transitions on Q&B:19!

This episode’s conversation includes:

  • bags-over-purses
  • www.downelink.com
  • Mom’s wooden paddle style discipline
  • the job hunt: “I could have been their POC!”
  • Fast food employees strike for better pay
  • Pittsburgh Major Taylor Cycling Club
  • bike paths and trails


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