Q&B Episode 20: Zanele Muholi & Lerato Dumse

Visual activist Zanele Muholi and journalist Lerato Dumse visited Pittsburgh last week to exhibit in the CI:13 Carnegie International and Q&B was lucky enough to be in the mix. As we showed them around town and traded stories about South Africa and the ‘burgh we learned more about Zanele’s Faces & Phases series and Inkanyiso Queer Media. This podcast is a great intro to Zanele & Lerato’s upcoming lecture at the Carnegie Museum of Art on Tues. Oct. 8th at 6:30pm. Check out our conversation and see you at the lecture.

Our conversation includes:

  • Shared displacement: The Hill in Pittsburgh & District 6 in Capetown, South Africa
  • So Fresh & So Clean clean: Queer church in Durban
  • Lesbian Heterosexuals (?!)
  • The importance of a queer archive
  • Activism is the focus. It’s not only about the photographs

Also, check out the pics of our time with Zanele and Lerato!


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