Q&B Episode 23: Roopa Singh

Yo internets, get ready to turn up cause Episode 23 of Queer & Brown in Steeltown is truly amazing! Our sistren Roopa Singh, lawyer, yoga teacher and all around flygirl, shares her vision for a better yoga future.

Roopa will open Yoga Equality studio in March 2014 in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Check for her Indiegogo campaign for Yoga Equality here. This episode is worth every second so get your earbuds and enjoy! (ambient sounds include: us finishing up a spaghetti dinner, crunchy garlic bread, pouring red vino, our furnace, purring cats and an occasional barking dog)

Episode highlights:

  • “Yoga is one way I was able to feel my body”
  • Who started the Quiet Storm radio hour?
  • Arts and culture as a yogic experience
  • The Nazi regime & the Hindu symbol: the Swastik
  • “This white brother tried to school me [on facebook] about yoga!”
  • How do you define hip hop yoga?
  • Dear white yoga teacher, here’s 10 things you should know

Music credits:
The Stuyvesants, Liquid Love (A Sophisticated Meeting Place), Brooklyn’s Finest, 2010
Smokey Robinson, A Quiet Storm, 1975
Nas, What Goes Around, Stillmatic, 2001


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