Q&B Episode 9: Friends and allies


Shout out to our homies at the My People event on Nov. 13.

Listen to our latest episode here! (it’s about 12 minutes)

Starring in order of appearance:

Autumn – Q&B shout out!

Dana – “Steel and Brown in Queertown!”

Quinn- Initiative for Transgender Leadership & the Big Idea Bookstore & Cafe

Joey – Yinzqueer? Magazine  yinzqueer@gmail.com   “that’s a lot of T!”

Dane – creator of the hit comedy web series, DramaQueenz

Shay – fellow pgh blogger

etta cetera – WWWHATSUPpgh.blogspot.com  Nov. 18: Confronting Racism and Conversation Practice Salon

Joey – Q&B shout out!


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